AI-Powered Application Performance Monitoring

for Integrations

Integration focus

AIMS focuses on your integrations. On-premises, cloud and custom

Detect Anomalies

 AIMS can detect anomalies at an early stage and alert you

SaaS - 5 minute install

 AIMS is delivered as a SaaS solution,  agents are deployed in minutes

Automated Reporting

 Create reports on any transaction and business metric

Machine Learning

Machine learning is used to set dynamic alert thresholds for your integrations


 The Topological map provides insight and process overview

Monitoring Agents

 AIMS has monitoring agents for integration platforms and peripherals

Access from any device

 GUI supports access from many devices


Chart and correlate any metric collected from the AIMS agents


 Use the Plugins to push AIMS alerts and information to other systems

Custom Agents and Monitoring

 AIMS has its own SDK so you can create your own custom agents

High Security

 Separate runtime and data storage, encrypted connections

Free trial of AIMS 


Setup automated monitoring for all your integrations

Monitoring the Health and Performance of your Integrations
Today, businesses are dependent on an increasing amount of connected applications,systems and devices caused by digitalization of business processes, IoT and the explosion of applications and devices.
The increased integration and hence complexity drives integrations that are more prone to failure and challenging to operate.  Further, the increasingly real-time nature of business processes supported by integrations translates into increased business vulnerability and corresponding cost of downtime.   In our view, possessing the capability of connecting or integrating new internal applications, devices, suppliers or customers swiftly and maintaining the integrations cost efficiently represents a corporate competitive advantage.
AIMS is for businesses with critical integration environments who look to gain insight and control, free up resources and deliver more business value through integration. AIMS’ Application Performance Monitoring platform uses Machine Learning to Automate Monitoring & Analytics
Agents & Plugins



Monitor and analyze all systems participating in the integration flow. On-premises, cloud and hybrid. Visualize transactions between systems in any location. Connect systems running .NET, Java or any other language through the AIMS API.
AIMS uses machine-learning and advanced statistics to setup automated monitoring and anomaly detection. Simply connect any system and AIMS will "learn" how your system performs at any given day, week, month and year.
All data gathered through the AIMS agents or API can be accessed in the analytics section. Drill down to any system, application, component or performance parameter monitored by AIMS. Create health reports, correlate metrics across applications, find performance issues, verify SLA requirements, plan for scaling and more.
AIMS can detect anomalies within both a single system and across multiple systems. The early warning feature can alert you way before the detected anomaly becomes a real problem and causes processing problems or performance issues for your transactions. 
AIMS creates a graphical map of all systems that participate in the integration flow. View all systems from a birds eye perspective to get a complete overview of your whole integration setup, or drill down to systems and individual components to view any data collected.

AIMS is delivered as a SaaS solution meaning that you only have to care about installing the necessary agents to the systems you want to monitor.

Connections are encrypted and data can be filtered at agent level in case of sensitive data.

AIMS can monitor any system or application participating in the integration flow by using our SDK or APIs. You can choose to create a custom agent service by using our SDK or simply use the APIs directly from within any existing application running in cloud or on-premises.

You can create reports for any environment, system, component or parameter. The reports are created in the analytics section of AIMS so you have complete freedom to stitch together information from any level.

You can then schedule these reports to be sent out to selected subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.