Chart any parameter, server or application. Correlate information across systems and applications. Create live dashboards or subscribe to analytics, delivered as email reports.


Subscribe to report Automate internal & external reporting. Create and save your reporting template and choose subscribe. Choose delivery on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Create your own custom dashboard templates. Each AIMS user can have their own set of dashboards. Pinning of most frequently used dashboards for easy access. Customizable refresh rate. Create new dashboard
Select ranges Multiple charting period options: live rolling custom period, specific period, current vs previous period and more.
Chart information with bar charts, line charts, area charts, stacked charts and pie charts. Select chart type per parameter. Customize chart colors Chart types

Business data Combine your transactional data with business data for the best insight. How is the business impacted by IT? Use our SDK or APIs to map business milestones to IT transactions in the AIMS Analytics section.
Create SLA reporting templates and automate the sendout to stakeholders. Automatically report on specific integrations, throughput, latency, scaling, business data and more. SLA reporting
Component level information Get deep insight on performance, issues and transactions on any system or application participating in your integration flow. Isolate potential issues across systems.