Monitor any integration component or peripheral system. Use one of our dedicated agents or create your own custom agent with our SDK


Monitor your Microsoft BizTalk environment and get automated insight & monitoring. Installs in 5 minutes! Automated SQL server monitoring, coming in Q2 2016 Automated windows server monitoring, coming Q2 2016 Develop your own agents
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Monitor uptime for any HTTP based endpoint that your integrations depend on  Monitor & correlate file / ftp shares for transactions  Deep IIS performance monitoring for your web based integrations  Monitor performance of integrations using Azure queues & topics 
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Extract AIMS data and events from our Swagger APIs Connect AIMS to your New Relic dashboard Integrate AIMS data to SCOM with custom dashboards Use our Zapier app to quickly integrate AIMS events towards 500+ applications in the Zapier catalogue
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Can't find the agent or plugin you're looking for? We are constantly adding support for more integrations and technologies through own and 3rd party developers.

Drop us an email with your suggestion and we will get back to you right away!