AI-Powered Application Performance Monitoring & Analytics for Integrations


AIMS is an Application Performance Monitoring solution that simplifies your integration monitoring and reporting – on premise, hybrid or cloud.  Untangle the complexity of integrations and connected systems to make more informed decisions, set priorities and improve operations reporting and monitoring.

Support for Microsoft BizTalk, Logic Apps, ServiceBus, SQL, IIS, FTP and more.




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Performance Monitoring and Analytics  for Microsoft BizTalk


 Unique Features


AIMS is the only non-intrusive solution to include  anomaly-based alerts, a live messaging map and analytics for your BizTalk servers. AIMS is also multitenant, supporting any number of BizTalk environments from a single login.

AIMS has a unique always-on transaction tracing  with close to zero performance impact which allows you to quickly pinpoint BizTalk performance issues down to ports and orchestrations. You can create automated reports on  messaging patterns & applications, and automatically visualize  all your messaging patterns using the powerful Topology feature.

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Drop static thresholds. Eliminate cry-wolf alerts.

Get rid of those static thresholds! They're the biggest source for false positive alerts in any monitoring solution. Static thresholds for cyclical data is bound to fail.

AIMS uses self-learning algorithms to analyze and create dynamic thresholds for all your data from your integrations, completely automated of course.




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