• Get insight into processes and components
    Get insight into processes and components
  • Dynamic thresholds created automatically
    Dynamic thresholds created automatically
  • Verify performance on any level
    Verify performance on any level
  • Analyzer
    Create custom dashboards
  • Analyzer
    Get details on process level

Intelligent Microsoft BizTalk Server Monitoring

AIMS for BizTalk prevents costly downtime and performance issues by utilizing automated traffic monitoring of all your BizTalk processes and components.

Unlike other Microsoft BizTalk server monitoring tools, AIMS for BizTalk alerts you before a serious problem arises, pinpointing the exact location needing attention and sending a real-time alert to relevant IT team members.

What's more, AIMS for BizTalk self-optimizes, meaning the software learns your system's normal behavior and modifies alerts over time, becoming more sensitive to potential problems that lead to downtime.

AIMS for BizTalk can be delivered in the following editions:

1. Client on-premise - complete install on premise, AIMS server hosted by client. Estimated installation time is 1 hour plus 5 minutes pr agent deployed.

2. SaaS - AIMS server hosted in Azure by AIMS Innovation, client only needs to install the agents(s) on their BizTalk Servers. Estimated installation time pr server is 5 minutes.

2. Client Azure - AIMS server installed in clients Azure environment. Client needs to install the AIMS server in their Azure environment and AIMS agents(s) on their BizTalk Servers. Estimated installation time is 1 hour plus 5 minutes pr agent deployed.

4. Service Provider - scalable solution hosted by AIMS Innovation in Azure, provides a hosting / service-provider with the ability to monitor multiple remote / on-premise BizTalk environments using the same interface.


Our BizTalk monitoring solutions offers features you won't find in competing system monitoring software:  

Proactive Alerts
Find out about a problem before it's really a problem. Real-time alerts are sent to relevant IT team members before there's any reason to panic.

Other monitoring tools: N/A. Some try to achieve this by setting thresholds that might indicate an upcoming situation that should be attended to.

Real-Time Visualization
A user friendly dynamic map points out exactly where to focus your attention.

Other monitoring tools: N/A. No other monitoring tools provide a live high-resolution map of the complete BizTalk environment.

Application Discovery
Missing BizTalk documentation? AIMS for BizTalk documents all servers, hosts, groups, ports and orchestrations automatically.

Other monitoring tools: N/A. No other tools auto-discovers and maps all components and updates automatically.

Turn-Key Implementation
There's no need to bother with complicated configuration. After a couple of hours of install AIMS for BizTalk will do the rest, learning the normal behavior and dynamically setting thresholds for all components and parameters.

Other monitoring tools: N/A. In all other tools one need to manually select and set thresholds, and these are static. One has to carefully select what to monitor and what values to set for proper monitoring.

Dynamic Thresholds
AIMS for BizTalk learns your businesses IT patterns and behaviors, and uses this information to create more sensitive, accurate alerts.

Other monitoring tools: N/A. No focus on processes implemented nor cyclical patterns in processing.

Comprehensive Monitoring
Our software monitors all your components and parameters, all the time. No need to select parameters, remember to change your monitoring configurations, or make changes after implementation.

Other monitoring tools: N/A. One has to manually select,configure and maintain wanted parameters. 

Business Insights & Reporting
Powered by our our self-learning capability, we recognize your business processes and generate insightful reports that enable you, your peers and your managers to understand how BizTalk supports your separate business processes.

Other monitoring tools: core focus on tech details, number of errors and components running / stopped.

AIMS for BizTalk: Your IT early warning system.